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Shelter was understood as a physical protection. Blocking the unwanted weather, sunlight, sound etc. in order to provide the users a comfortable man made environment is the main function of shelter. However, I think a shelter can achieve more than this. A shelter is able to be a media to link up human and the environment, enhance the connection between the users and the surrounding. In this project, physical blocking and isolation dose not simply mean total disconnection, but a greater connection between human and the environment in an other way, the mental way. The user stay in his own isolated private space to enjoy the view without any disturbance.  Unwanted view, other people, noises and everything else beside the sunset he wants are blocked. the only view can be sensed is the projected scene.

*Entry shortlisted to the sencond round of

 Shelter International Architectural

 Competition for Students 2014

Team Members:

Lam Ho Wang Owen

Kong Pui Sze Jessica


Boon Ho

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