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Prosperity Shimmers in Every Colour

CNY installations at Pacific Place




Pacific Place

Pacific Place, Admiralty
-Garden Court,
-Shopping Walkway
-Park Court
-StartStreet Area


We are thrilled to unveil our inspiring project completed during the 2024 Lunar New Year. We have designed a series of five festive installations for the trendy Pacific Place, creating a captivating experience that blends tradition and contemporary design elements to celebrate the traditional holiday.

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of traditional Chinese architecture and garden spaces, our design incorporates elements of structure, proportion, and layout. We have reimagined these traditional elements using a modern approach, incorporating materials such as colored translucency and reflective surfaces. The installations are further enhanced with peach blossoms and floral arrangements, offering a refreshing and enchanting experience for the Lunar New Year.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of the holiday season, where tradition meets innovation, and immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of our festive wonderland.

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