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Pui Ching Middle School
Design & Technology Lab

Revolutionizing Education Spaces: Where Learning, Innovation, and Craftsmanship Unite!

Step into our visionary Design and Technology Laboratory of Pui Ching Middle School reimagined for the modern era. Guided by “for learners,” “for innovators,” and “for craftsmen,” we’ve created three dynamic spaces that seamlessly blend knowledge, creativity, and traditional skills.

Vibrant colors and dynamic forms break free from tradition, infusing the classroom with energy and excitement. Clearly defined zones inspire collaboration and engagement, while keeping the atmosphere lively and organized.

Discover our meticulously crafted spaces, each tailored to specific needs. In the “for learners” area, flexible furniture adapts to diverse activities and teaching styles. The “for innovators” zone sparks innovation with purpose-built furniture for thrilling robot competitions and convenient tool storage. And in the “for craftsmen” section, safety and stability take center stage, empowering students to master traditional woodworking and metalworking.

Join us in revolutionizing education, embracing self-directed learning and igniting a culture of innovation. Together, we’ll unlock the potential of brilliant minds and shape a future where knowledge, innovation, and craftsmanship thrive.



Pui Ching Middle School

Pui Ching Middle School, HK
170 sqm

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