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Frist Prize -
The 57th Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition

第57回 セントラル硝子国際建築競技 最優秀賞



隈研吾  Kengo Kuma

亀井忠夫 Tadao Kamei

青木淳  Jun Aoki

賀持剛一 Goichi Kamochi

塚本由晴 Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

石上純也 Junya Ishigami



With the rapid city development, economic growth as the pull factors pulling residents from the rural communities to the city. Depopulation and aging population of the rural communities become an irreversible destruction to the rural communities.  The problem intensified with the further growth of the city and until the city development reach a saturation point. The imbalance city development harm both cities and rural communities.

A new system for the relationship between cities and rural communities to be established, Kintsugi of the flawed city, to repair the relationship between rural communities and urban cities and break the barriers between the people living in cities and rural communities. Filling the cracks of the cities with rural communities, the cities are illuminated with the essence of rural communities, in terms of the slow-paced lifestyle, natural environment and the fresh production of agricultural products, etc. Buffer zones formed the connections between the intrusion of rural communities and cities.


Team Members:

Lam Ho Wang Owen ラム ホーワン オーエン (afloat studio、香港)

Kong Pui Sze Jessica コン ピー シー (afloat studio、香港)


『新建築』2023年1月号 “SHINKENCHIKU” 2023 January issue

『a+u』2023年2月号  “a+u” 2023 February issue

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