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First Runner-up-
The 18th Shelter International Architectural Competition

第18回シェルターインターナショナル学生設計競技 優秀賞


藤本壮介   Sou Fujimoto

トムへネガン Tom Heneghan

中田千彦   Senhiko Nakata

古谷誠章   Nobuaki Furuya

大西麻貴   Onishi Maki

百田有希   Hyakuda Yuki



God said, Let the earth give birth to all sorts of living things, cattle and all things moving on the earth. 
Genesis 1:26

When united architecture are sticked to the ground, urban is formed. Diversity is limited. Reconsider architecture as small fragments by liberating architecture from a fixed land and deconstruct the urban fabric. Bestow mobility to each single architecture object and allow them to move freely on earth, like the cattle. Biodiversity of architecture emerges through time. Architecture evolves and adapt to the changing environment.



Team Members:

Lam Ho Wang Owen ラム ホーワン オーエン 

Kong Pui Sze Jessica コン ピー シー 


『新建築』2017年2月号 “SHINKENCHIKU” 2017 February issue

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