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First Prize
Design Ideas Competition for Kai Tak River –Kai Tak Development (Open Group)



Wong Ying Kay, Ada, JP
Chang Ping Hung, Wallace
Fung Wing Kay, Raymond
Lau Hing Tat, Patrick
Leung Kong Yui, BBS, JP
Webster Christopher John


Preserve collective memory


The past off Kai Tak represents Hong Kong as international airport. Many passengers take the plane from or to other countries. She acts as the major role in the society. After the airport relocated, Kai Tak becomes a Development Area and she becomes another important role of Hong Kong, such as Cruise Terminal, Sports City, etc.

The design concept for the revitalization is to integrate the nature into what we call a “concrete juggle”. People visting the Kai Tak River will have an experience completely different from its surroundings. They can have a rendezvous with trees and birds, as well as a taste of fresh air to clear their mind-an escape from the bustling city life. The revitalization of the Kai Tak River is anticipated to become another local back garden in Hong Kong, same as Nam Send Wai.


Team Members:

Lam Ho Wang Owen

Kong Pui Sze Jessica


HB Yuen

Samuel Cham

Yan Lo

Xenia Chu


『啟德新里程』第二十期 “Kai Tak On The Move” issue 20

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