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風之輪 Wheel of wind 




With pedaling of riders, wheels will multiply the force and the bike will then go forward. History shapes the current form and function of a bike. Nevertheless, the bike without wheels are not useless. The function of a bike is no longer just for transportation – riders vitalize the life of the “bike”.  

The movement of pedals and gears transform the kinetic energy of the riders, to move things forward physically, and more crucially - mentally.


“To ride or not to ride, that is a question” 
When riding on the Wheel of Wind, what pedals bring is the movement of fan blade but not that of the wheels.

However, what makes the device even “useless” is that the breeze transformed from the kinetic energy of the gears is blowing outward. 


Here is the paradox, riders striving for breeze that cannot be enjoyed by themselves. 

Only with the collaboration of 2 heating-up riders, they can experience the breeze generated by each other from other’s hardwork. 

This “useless” device gives invisible value - the motivation of “cycling” - through the interaction between riders.

Interaction between people forms the fundamental element for valuing the “useless” life, more importantly, people are motivated by the support from each other.  

彼此間的支持與鼓勵 , 

Status: Conceptual Design

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