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導賞框 A Picturesque Journey through guide-frames


Team Members:

Lam Ho Wang Owen


Nam Wu @ Point Cloud


Through the frame

A Picturesque Journey

Fascinating and glamorize landscape are provided around the site area. Our aim is to transform the existing simple path way to a continuous poetic journey.  Inspired by the ancient wise of the Chinese scholar, we borrow some of their scenery techniques on garden planning and from the journey which leads the hikers to discover and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the surrounding environment.

Chinese scholars tried to simulate the nature environment in the man-made garden. More than that, they applied different scenery techniques such as fencing, borrowing, framing, revealing, contrasting, suppressing etc. to from a journey which guide the visitor to enjoy the garden in the most pleasurable way. Now we bring the idea of journey back to the real nature.

The journey

By placing four main features, Introduction, rising, twist and climax (起承轉合) at the designated points on the path and collaborating with the inter-medium landscape elements, the continuous journey than completed. Different scenery techniques are applied to the features which create a progressive sequence. Introduction () – as an entrance feature of the journey, to let the visitor prepare their mood to start the journey. Rising() – carry on the experience, to let the visitor have a short break and lead them to a wider sight . Twist() – twisting the focus from inward view of the East Damn to the more outward view to the sea. Which give a hints to the view of the destination. Climax () – the destination of the journey, visitor finally can observer the admirable scenery of Pau Pin Chau in the frame.

Scenery and guiding

Blocking and fencing and Framing are the techniques that frequently used in project. By apply those skills, spatial elements help to show the direction of the journey and to filter out the unwanted elements. Which keep to observer follow the journey, focus on the designated view and will miss out any picturesque scenery. Idea of transition of scenery also applied to the journey, by the mentioned features are located by considering the scenery sequence. Moreover, instead of simply framing the scenery by a single flat plate, 3-D framing devices with layers are applied. Then the framing device allow the visitor to reach the destination point layer by layer pass through the space and reach the destination. It enhance the experience of discovering the full picture scenery.

Man-made and nature

Some people may argue that keeping the raw condition of the nature is the best way to treat the country side environment. However, once human step into the nature, the original condition will no longer remained. We believe there is a way to balance human activities and protecting the nature environment. In this project we tried to enhance the interests and the experience of picturesque by the minimum disturbance to the environment. And hope it can let more people find the right way to appreciate and enjoy the nature.

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